mardi 23 avril 2013

"Polymère ! - Mais Monsieur, surveillez votre langage !"

'Polymer! - Oh Sir, watch your words!'

Projet de vulgarisation scientifique illustré pour les petits, avec mon physicien ! Pourquoi on y avait pas pensé plus tôt ?

Developping scientist popularisation illustrated book for children with my physician! I wonder why we didn't think about it before?

Note: From now, I'll make efforts to subtitle my blog for friends who don't speak french! I warn you, it might be unperfect from time to time (may be often... ok, probably all the time...)! Haha

2 commentaires:

L ROSSI a dit…

:D Yay!
I promise you, it really helps to learn!
Je te promets que ça aide vraiment à apprendre! ;P

Marion Roussel a dit…

ahah !
And hopefully you're always ready for commenting new stuff, thanks for that, I appreciate :) bisous